Dear Blizzard, Stop Making New Legendaries!

I love you Blizzard, but this is just getting ridiculous. I just saw the patch notes for 7.2.5 and can’t believe you’re adding more than 40 new legendaries in the game. While these shiny items seem like a good idea at first, they are actually destroying World of Warcraft. Confused? Well let me clarify it… Continue reading Dear Blizzard, Stop Making New Legendaries!

Top 6 Video Games That Ruined Friendships

By Eric M. Wilusz. Playing games often helps us find new friends and brings us closer to old ones, but they can also have the opposite effect. Thousands of friendships have been destroyed by video games, either do to raging incidents, insufficient skill, or good old fashion trolling. Today we take a look at the… Continue reading Top 6 Video Games That Ruined Friendships

MMO Watch: Ashes of Creation

After the tragic cancellation of EverQuest Next I felt distraught about the future of MMORPGs. Most upcoming MMOs do little to expand the genre, with the vast majority taking the safe route by following Warcraft’s example. EverQuest Next was promising in this regard, featuring destructible environments, emergent AI, and a world shaped by your actions.… Continue reading MMO Watch: Ashes of Creation

Why I Quit Legion

Today I finally decided to end my subscription and quit WoW’s latest expansion, Legion. It’s not like I didn’t enjoy the expansion, truthfully I did. But the more I played the more I realized something: Legion’s gear system is flawed. The current system rewards luck more than skill, forcing players to spend a considerable amount… Continue reading Why I Quit Legion

6 Games We Need Remastered

From Final Fantasy to Resident Evil, classic video games have seen a resurgence. New gamers can now play the classic titles that have influenced modern video games, while older players can relive their nostalgia. Today we explore six video game that we need remastered. As usual I am going to stick to one game per developer,… Continue reading 6 Games We Need Remastered