Looking Back: Fallout’s Best Feature

It’s undeniable that Fallout is one of the most beloved and influential video game series ever to be created. From the open world environment to the devastating weaponry, the games have something to offer for everyone. But what exactly is Fallout’s best feature? Well it’s not the guns, the quests, or even Dogmeat. What makes… Continue reading Looking Back: Fallout’s Best Feature

Video Games Don’t Cause Violence, Negligence Does

Almost everyday I come across news articles debating if video games increase violence among children. This has been an ongoing debate for years and I’m sick of it. It doesn’t take a scientist or academic to answer the question, what it takes is common sense. No, video games don’t cause an increase in violence among children.… Continue reading Video Games Don’t Cause Violence, Negligence Does

I Need a Hero(ine)!

It’s kind of ridiculous that in 2017 there’s still a lack of female protagonist in video games. Nearly all games feature male leads, with female characters taking secondary roles. While there are a few exceptions (Lara Croft and Samus Aran being the most notable), the majority of games tend to follow the same formula. To… Continue reading I Need a Hero(ine)!

The Top Six Video Game Protagonist that Just Won’t Talk.

It’s amazing how some video game protagonist won’t say a word, even as the world crumbles around them. Today we’re taking a look at my top six video game protagonists that never talk, but probably should. I am going to stick to one game per developer and there will be spoilers. Read at your own… Continue reading The Top Six Video Game Protagonist that Just Won’t Talk.

Overwatch’s New Event is Boring. Here’s Why.

That’s right I said it, Overwatch’s “Uprising” event is boring. Don’t get me wrong, I love Overwatch, it’s like an FPS and a MOBA had a glorious bastard child. It’s fun to play and easy to get into, but the game just isn’t releasing any significant content. While this event does build upon past content… Continue reading Overwatch’s New Event is Boring. Here’s Why.

The Chromebook: A Blogger’s Best Friend.

This article is meant to share my experiences and provide some information that may help other aspiring bloggers. I’ve always been creative and wanted to express myself, but didn’t know where to begin. I knew I wanted to write articles and needed something portable. After doing some research I found a device that suited my… Continue reading The Chromebook: A Blogger’s Best Friend.

Developer Update: upcoming blog changes.

Hey everyone! Just writing to give an update about this blog, the direction I am taking it, and my commitment overall. I appreciate the support so far and hope to grow this blog into something great and permanent. With that in mind let’s begin. Going forward I am going to upload at least one article… Continue reading Developer Update: upcoming blog changes.