FYI: Double XP Weekend In Overwatch

Overwatch will be running a double xp weekend starting today. The event is set to run from Today at 8 p.m. PDT until Monday, June 12 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. The only source of experience that will remain unaffected will be the first win of the day bonus. What makes this particularly amazing is that… Continue reading FYI: Double XP Weekend In Overwatch

Dear Blizzard, Stop Making New Legendaries!

I love you Blizzard, but this is just getting ridiculous. I just saw the patch notes for 7.2.5 and can’t believe you’re adding more than 40 new legendaries in the game. While these shiny items seem like a good idea at first, they are actually destroying World of Warcraft. Confused? Well let me clarify it… Continue reading Dear Blizzard, Stop Making New Legendaries!

Why I Quit Legion

Today I finally decided to end my subscription and quit WoW’s latest expansion, Legion. It’s not like I didn’t enjoy the expansion, truthfully I did. But the more I played the more I realized something: Legion’s gear system is flawed. The current system rewards luck more than skill, forcing players to spend a considerable amount… Continue reading Why I Quit Legion