Looking Back: Fallout’s Best Feature

It’s undeniable that Fallout is one of the most beloved and influential video game series ever to be created. From the open world environment to the devastating weaponry, the games have something to offer for everyone. But what exactly is Fallout’s best feature? Well it’s not the guns, the quests, or even Dogmeat. What makes… Continue reading Looking Back: Fallout’s Best Feature

Opinion: Overwatch’s best healer is Zenyatta.

Even if you don’t play Overwatch you have undoubtedly heard of it. Among all the healers in game, I find Zenyatta to be the most versatile, hence the title. I am not here to argue, or to say you dumb if you hate him; I’m here to give a great character some praise. To better… Continue reading Opinion: Overwatch’s best healer is Zenyatta.