About me

Hello, my name is Eric M. Wilusz.

Freelance writer for hire, game designer, and nerd.

This blog is something I have wanted to do for awhile, to share my ideas, interests, and opinions on all things considered “nerd culture”. The culture itself is something I grew into and learned on my own, and as I have aged I have embraced it more. I want to write not only to show the depth of the culture, but also help those that have struggled in their life as I have and find relief in it. Being a nerd or geek isn’t just about playing a game, reading a comic, or watching anime. It is so much more. It can influence your life profoundly, from who you interact with to influencing your own values. Honestly, if I did not have the outlets I have now, I may not even be alive today. So with that said, let’s explore this phenomenon together.