Weekend Update: New Site Coming Soon

Wanted to update everyone on the future of the site and my plans. I do have a new domain purchased and I am working on it as well. I hope to get something out in the next few weeks to replace this site and forward all traffic to the new domain.

Far as content goes I have been trying to write more articles every week, which I have greatly enjoyed. Some days have seen two articles, others still one, but I hope to continue to release more content steadily. Honestly I wish I had the base to make this a full-time job but I’m not quite there haha.

Unfortunately as a result of my work on the new site there probably won’t be an article today unless I have free time, and as always I usually do not write on the weekends because of work obligations. Though who knows, I said I wasn’t writing an article last Friday but I still did. Either way enjoy your weekend and thanks for the continued support!

Eric M. Wilusz.




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