Dear Blizzard, Stop Making New Legendaries!

I love you Blizzard, but this is just getting ridiculous. I just saw the patch notes for 7.2.5 and can’t believe you’re adding more than 40 new legendaries in the game. While these shiny items seem like a good idea at first, they are actually destroying World of Warcraft. Confused? Well let me clarify it for you.

I’ve touched upon this subject in a previous article but let me summarize it briefly. The time required to farm legendary items, artifact power, and titan forged gear is astronomical. You are unable to choose what item drops and it is completely based on luck. In fact, no other expansion has required nearly as much as a time investment like Legion. Players can easily spend weeks to months farming for a certain item and never receive it.

The sad part is many players depend on certain legendaries to be able to play a spec, otherwise they are not viable to bring to raid. Skilled and dedicated players can become overlooked simply because RNG isn’t on their side. Skill becomes secondary to luck, something that should never happen in any game.

Some of the new legendary rings added in 7.2.5.

The new legendaries in 7.2.5 continue to rely on the same broken loot system. What’s worse is that among the new legendaries are rings that give extra talents to the classes, making them a necessity. Players are going to have to start grinding all over again or risk losing their raid spot. Seriously, how much time do we have to dedicate to one game?

We have already seen what this system has done to several competitive guilds, as many have resigned from raiding. Player burnout will surely worsen and I have no doubt we will see more guilds and players leave the game.

Have to love all that grind for a useless legendary.

World PVP is also negatively impacted by these overpowered items. Legendaries have created a drastic imbalance in combat, allowing players to heal automatically or nearly one shot enemy combatants. This will only get worse with the addition of the new ones, giving some players not only extra stats but extra talents. Because of this world PVP has become a joke and far less enjoyable.

Just because something is shiny doesn’t mean it’s good, any raider can tell you that. Adding more legendaries will only worsen the issues surrounding the system, burning out more of the player base and making them hesitant to resubscribe. This system was actually the reason I quit, and after reading the new patch notes it is also the reason I have yet to return. Blizzard needs to abolish the legendary system and soon.

Eric M. Wilusz

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