Top 6 Video Games That Ruined Friendships

By Eric M. Wilusz.

Playing games often helps us find new friends and brings us closer to old ones, but they can also have the opposite effect. Thousands of friendships have been destroyed by video games, either do to raging incidents, insufficient skill, or good old fashion trolling. Today we take a look at the top six games that have ruined friendships. Let’s begin.

6. Left 4 Dead


What could possibly ruin a co-op game about fighting hordes of zombies? Friendly fire can. It’s the bane of existence for many players, but for those seeking a more realistic or challenging experience it’s a necessity. While it can cause accidental deaths, friendly fire can lead to something much more sinister: trolling. Several times I’ve reached the end of the level only to be gunned downed by a friend. Suddenly the warm feeling of success was taken away, replaced with anger accompanied by the snarling laughter of my friends.

But isn’t that the joke? You survived hordes of unrelenting zombies only to be taken out for a quick laugh. Good one. I know of one friend that stopped talking to another for this very reason, with several others quitting the game.

5. Every Fighting Game (Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street FIghter, etc.)


Possibly one of the most rage inducing genres on the market, fighting games have been ruining friendships since their conception. Losing a fight or two is no issue, but being completely decimated by the same person over and over again can be mind shattering.

Then there are those players that button crunch or spam the same move over and over again. Left kick, left kick, left kick, K.O. Suddenly all the techniques you spent hours learning becomes useless against the onslaught of the X button. Mortal Kombat is probably the best representation of this issue, as you can do everything listed above and perform a brutal fatality to humiliate your friend one last time.

4. League of Legends

Ya, I need glasses to see it too.

It’s inevitable that you’d lose a friend or two playing this highly competitive team game. People tend to become completely absorbed in the game, their emotions usually influenced by the match’s outcome. One bad play or wasted ultimate can completely change the course of the game, leading to defeat. Players will be quick to single you out for making a mistake, let alone buying items not suggested in a guide. This can lead to harassment on epic levels, causing some players to attempt suicide.

Even if your friends are nice enough to not harass you, they will almost always isolate you. Most of us have experienced being rejected for ranked games or ignored when forming a group. This can be as negative an experience as being harassed, if not worse.

3. World of Warcraft


Whether you fight over loot, raid spots, or your class specialization, there is always something to argue about in World of Warcraft. I mean come on, the game has war in its name. This massive MMORPG has probably destroyed as many friendships as it has helped created. It is a social game after all, one that can only be truly experienced with other players.

Not only have I seen friendships fall apart in this digital world, I have experienced it myself. People can become too demanding and unforgiving, often raging to an excessive degree. Others will choose to troll their friends, causing them to wipe and waste food buffs they spent hours farming. Once they have enough your friends will quickly remove you from the guild or ignore you altogether. Many won’t care that you’re gone, remaining unphased. After all there are millions of other people to play with. Sad boosh indeed.

2. Mario Kart

For something that looks innocent it really ruins friendships.

Sure I could’ve chosen any multiplayer Mario game, but this series stands out as the most rage inducing. Like most games on this list, Mario Kart is a game about competition. But unlike the others Mario Kart actively encourages you to attack and troll your friends. Through cubes scattered throughout the track, the game gives players various items meant to attack rival racers or advance your position.

Perhaps the most notorious item in the game is the blue turtle shell. This item launches a tracking missile at the current lead racer causing the player to crash. This can be an enormous amount of frustration and quickly lead to a quarrel. Some players also have the tendency to single out a player, ganging up on him. Everyone focuses their attacks on a single target, trying to ruin his experience. The sad part is they are usually successful. Starting to think I need new friends…

1. Minecraft

Some drastic remodeling is occurring.

Let’s face it, this game was made for trolls. Players spend hours on end farming materials and creating personalized houses, only to lose it all in a matter of seconds. Your friends can steal from your chests, destroy your house walls, and even lay traps to kill you. Whether you play in a public or private server, you will inevitably be targeted in this game. No matter how far from spawn you build, trolls will always find you. The only way to avoid them is by playing single player, something that isn’t fun at all.

This game will test any friendship. I can’t imagine anyone not being angry after losing days of progress because their friends thought pissing them off would be funny. If you forgive them kudos to you, you’re a better person than me. In Minecraft the amount of ways to troll a player is only limited by your imagination. But hey if they didn’t want you to troll they shouldn’t let you put lava in a bucket.

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