It’s A Great Month To Be A PS+ Member

By Eric M. Wilusz

June is proving to be a awesome month for PS4 owners with a PS+ Membership. Not only are we able to play the awesome co-op sci-fi horror FPS Killing Floor 2, but we also get to enjoy the fantastic and deep world of Life is Strange as well. Both games are free this month to PS+ members.

Killing Floor 2 features great co-op and wave based enemy combat. There are 10 classes to play with dozens of weapons to choose from. KF2 receives constant updates and includes community support. Community members are able to create custom weapon skins and maps to be included in-game. Killing Floor 2 normally costs $39.99 on the PlayStation Store, making it a hell of a deal. The game is fun, scary, and a great way to waste a weekend. I’d honestly recommend it even it if wasn’t on sale.

Zombies, explosions, and good friends. If this isn’t a recipe for fun I don’t know what is.

Life is Strange is an episodic action adventure following Maxine “Max” Caulfield, a student suddenly blessed with the ability to rewind time. With her best friend Chloe the pair sets out to solve several mysteries plaguing the school while trying to prevent the destruction of the town. It definitely is an interesting concept with a compelling story and several twists. Life is Strange is usually priced at $19.99, but you can get all the episodes for free this month.

Two teens saving the town, nuff’ said.

If you don’t have PS+ you should really get it. PS+ is an online membership program from Sony that allows players to access online multiplayer games while also giving them free and discounted content each month. Pricing plans vary from $9.99 a month to $59.99 for a full year. Fortunately the amount of free content often outweighs the cost.

Both games are highly rated, with Life is Strange winning several awards. If you’re a PS+ member make sure to add these great titles to your library before the month ends.

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