Adult Swim Games Humble Bundle Now Available

Humble Bundle is a terrific service that helps gamers and charities alike. The newest bundles features games from Adult Swim Games and even an awesome plushie.

I’m sure most of us are aware of the Adult Swim television channel aired on Cartoon Network, regularly featuring adult themed shows and cartoons. But what you might not know is that the studio also develops games, and great ones at that.

Volgarr the Viking, just one of the games included in the bundle.

The current Humble Bundle includes the majority of their library, with Volgarr the Viking, Duck Game, and Rain World being the most notable. The games have fairly positive reviews, and range from RPGs to arena shooters. Several game soundtracks are also included as a bonus.

The base bundle includes four games, with options to expand up to ten games and a plushie. Yes I said a plushie. The top bundle, costing $25, includes a Duck Game white duck plushie. Worldwide shipping is included with the donation, so don’t worry about any additional charges. While he may not be the cutest thing in the world he is a great collectible for any nerd, and hey the proceeds go to charity so why not treat yourself.

Quack quack.

The bundle became available on May 30 and will run for two weeks. As always you can decide what percentage of the profits go to charity and which charity receives it. Go out and donate, you’ll be happy you did.



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