Pyre Release Date Announced

Supergiant Games announced today that Pyre will release on the PS4 and Steam on July 25, 2017. Pyre is the new original IP created by the studio, following the success of both Bastion and Transistor. Both of these titles have been well received by critics and gamers alike, quickly establishing a fan base for the small indie studio.

Pyre is a party-based RPG in which you control a group of exiles fighting for their freedom in ancient competitions. The story takes place in a purgatory like realm called the Downside. The art style perfectly captures the bleak yet hopeful atmosphere, featuring stunning hand drawn artwork.

Of course the game has an original soundtrack composed by Darren Korb, with over 90 minutes of music. Honestly the soundtrack is probably going to be epic, as were the two for the previous titles. I am actually planning to use a song from Transistor as my wedding song.

pyre combat.jpg
Just one example of how combat will look in Pyre.

The combat system breaks away from its predecessors as it features 3v3 arena style fights, giving you control of multiple characters each possessing different yet unique skill sets. The story is adaptive, changing to reflect the consequences of the player’s success or failures. The chances of two-players experiencing the same game is low, creating a unique experience with each playthrough.

Besides the main story, players can also challenge the CPU or friends in versus mode. In this mode you can choose from the more than 20 unique characters you encounter across the game, giving you complete customization of your team.

One of the beautiful areas in The Downside.

Pyre will cost $19.99 upon release, but you are able to pre-order it on the PS4 and Steam at the discounted price of $17.99. Both the soundtrack and game bundle that includes it are also discounted if pre-ordered as well. I plan to pre-order the game myself next month, because well money issues. Both Bastion and Transistor were amazing games that I encourage anyone to play, and I expect Pyre will be no different.



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