Holy Sh*t: Monster Hunter’s Coming To The Switch!

That’s right Monster Hunter fans, the series has officially been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch! The epic hack-and-slash adventure will be available in Japan on August 25, 2017, with a North American release date to be announced soon. This came as a pleasant surprise to me, especially since I wrote an article earlier this month on the subject.

It should be noted that this title won’t be a new installment in the series. Monster Hunter XX, which released on the 3DS in Japan in March 2017, will be ported to Switch with updated graphics and controls. The game will support cross-play between 3DS and Switch owners, as well as save transfers between the two systems.

How fights may look in Monster Hunter XX.

Japan will also be receiving a special Monster Hunter themed Nintendo Switch console bundled with the game. The bundle costs around $352 USD and has already sold out on Capcom’s online store, just days after it was announced. No word yet if we will see a similar bundle in the States.

Japan exclusive Monster Hunter themed Nintendo Switch.

I will continue to post information as more is released about the game. I guess it’s time to buy a Switch on my end, especially if the bundle comes to the US. Now if I can just scrape some money together…



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