FYI: It’s A Free Weekend For Two Great Games!

I know I promised no article today but what type of game blogger would I be if I didn’t report this. Two amazing games are currently hosting free weekends: Overwatch and Fallout 4. Both these titles have won multiple awards and are must owns for any serious gamer.

Overwatch’s free weekend runs from May 26 – 29. This includes all the modes, even the anniversary event. Any loot unlocked will carry over if you purchase the game. Overwatch is on sale, with the standard edition priced at $29.99. The new GOTY edition is also discounted, available for all systems for $39.99. This bundle includes 10 free loot chests, legacy skins, and content for other Blizzard games.

Overwatch in action.

Fallout 4 running its first free weekend event ever on Steam. You can download and play this awesome action-RPG now until Sunday at 1PM PST. The base game is discounted to $19.99, with the season pass also on sale. Normally I wouldn’t recommend the season pass but for $30 it is definitely worth it. Just make sure you have no plans this weekend as you can easily spend 100 hours in game without realizing it.

Wasteland, guns, violence. What’s not to love?

Trust me, if you have nothing better to do this weekend install these games. You’ll find that they will quickly rank among your top games ever played. Even if you hate them you didn’t have to spend a cent to find that out, so you have nothing to lose.  What are you waiting for? Play them. Now.

Back to pixel art…



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