Times Running Out to Support Ashes of Creation on Kickstarter!


Update: Corrected a statement that misrepresented the number of $10,000 pledges available. Sorry for the confusion.

Ashes of Creation is shaping up to become one of the best MMORPGs of all time. The games’ developer launched a Kickstarter last month that blasted through its initial goal in a matter of days. So why am I telling you this then? Because I don’t want you to miss out on the awesome backer rewards! That and the Kickstarter is close to unlocking the last stretch goals, which are equally as badass.

A bit of background is in order. Ashes of Creation is a MMORPG being developed by Intrepid Studios, which consists of industry veterans that have worked on such titles as Star Wars Galaxy and EverQuest Next. Unlike other MMOs, the consequences of your actions directly influence the world around you. This will shape the towns, landscapes, and even the story. Because of this no two servers will be the same. The combat is dynamic and reactive, with enemies that evolve their fighting styles to keep combat fresh.

Example of AoC’s combat.

Of course there is also PVP, both large and small scale. These will include arenas, battleground, and the like. AoC also features siege warfare for fans of large scale PVP, allowing you and your friends to band together to reduce enemy cities to rubble. Honestly I could write an essay on the game, but for the sake of time I recommend you visit their website to learn more.

But back to the important part: backer rewards! There are several options to show your support. However, most the of the limited options have been claimed. I just took advantage of the Pioneer – Early Bird Limited option, which grants me access to the closed beta, three months of game time, exclusive mounts and pets, and a lot more. Pledges tend to follow this pattern, granting game time, exclusive items, and such. Trust me, these mounts and pets look amazing and would make any player green with envy.

Just one example of backer rewards.

Other expensive pledge options up the ante by immortalizing players with an ingame statue, having them design enemy NPCs, or rewarding players with a manor. The top option of $10,000 includes all these rewards and more, having you design an ingame fortress and attend AoC’s launch party. While you may balk at the idea of pledging such a large sum, 5 out of the 20 available have already been claimed for this option.

Then there are the stretch goals, which are not only unlocked by the amount of funding received but also by the number of backers for the project. Funding stretch goals will lead to the development of more content for AoC, with goals like underground zones and group mounts already being achieved. Two more goals have yet to be met, which would unlock a ninth playable race and an ingame stock exchange program. Honestly I’m not to excited by the stock exchange concept but the new race seems awesome. The goal would unlock the underrealm race that has beast like attributes, adding more story and lore to the game. And I do love my story.

Last remaining stretch goals.

In comparison backer goals reward supporters with more exclusive content. Several backer only mounts, pets, and weapon effects have already been unlocked. Perhaps my favorite out of these is the aquatic mount, a freaky looking turtle that I can ride out into the sunset. Only two backer goals remain, which would grant players exclusive mount armor and variant skill fx sets. These may not seem like much but in a game with millions of people they will definitely help you stand out. Plus shinies, need I say more?

Turtle mount FTW!

Cement your status in the game’s history now. Take my word, from what I have seen the game will be well worth it. And if you don’t believe me then take a few minutes and research the game yourself. I’m positive you will see the value in this project, not only because Ashes of Creation will be a great game but because it will help progress the MMORPG genre into the future. At the time of this writing only seven days remain until the Kickstarter ends.


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