Overwatch’s Anniversary Event is Now Live!

Last year gamers around the globe first experienced the gaming phenomenon known as Overwatch. Since then we have seen new maps, awesome legendary skins introduced, and even some new heroes. A strong community has formed, creating thousands of pieces of fan art, animated videos, and some great cosplay. To reward all the support it has received, Blizzard is running a special event to commentate Overwatch’s first anniversary. The event runs from May 23 to June 12, bringing tons of new content with it.

No event would be complete without a new loot box. The anniversary box contains several new dance emotes, sprays, and some pretty awesome legendary skins. There are 11 new legendary skins to unlock, with Cyber Ninja Hanzo and Beekeeper Mei being among them. The loot boxes can be earned by increasing your rank, winning games in the Arcade, or by purchasing them. But act fast, these rewards are limited and only available until June 12, 2017.

Just some of the new skins available during the event.

The event has also added three new arena maps to the Arcade. Castillo is perhaps my favorite new map, an old fort looking out over Dorado’s bay. As Blizzard puts it “ It’s the location of Calaveras, a bar frequented by questionable patrons; a graffitied Los Muertos hangout; and Sombra’s hacking den.” Necropolis and Black Forest are the other new maps, consisting of environments that reflect the backgrounds of Ana and Reinhardt respectively. Each one is very detailed and gives some insight behind the personalities of the heroes they represent.

Castillo, the new arena map in the Arcade.

Blizzard has also released Overwatch: Game of the Year Edition to celebrate this milestone. The GOTY Edition includes the base game and several extras like 10 bonus loot boxes, vintage hero skins, Tracer for Heroes of the Storm, Baby Winston pet in World of Warcraft, and more. Currently the game is available at a discounted price of $39.99 on the PC, PS4, and Xbox one for a limited time, and can be gifted to your friends.

There’s not much else to say except go out and celebrate Overwatch’s birthday, preferably by thrashing some newbs and collecting some epic loot. And try not to rage too hard.


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