Morrowind Early Access Starts Now!

Cue the epic music. That’s right Elder Scrolls fans, the highly anticipated first expansion to the Elder Scrolls Online is now open to anyone that has pre-purchased the digital upgrade or the Morrowind Digital Collector’s Edition, which includes the base game. While it is slated to officially release on June 6, 2017, PC and Mac users are able to play it now.

Morrowind is the first major expansion to arrive for ESO, featuring a new story and over 30 hours of explorable content. The expansion has a new trial (raid), the new Warden class, and some more PVP content.

Art of the new Warden class.

Pre-ordering also rewards players with the Discovery Pack which contains:

  • Warden-themed costume as seen in the announcement trailer
  • Dwarven War Dog pet
  • Three Treasure Maps for Vvardenfell
  • A Dwarven Crown Crate that may contain a mount, pet, costume, or other items
  • Two Experience Scrolls that will increase experience gained by 50% for two hours



Perhaps the best feature of Morrowind is that you can experience it at any level. Since Elder Scrolls Online has adaptive leveling, you can venture into the island of Vvardenfell any time you desire. This is a big break from most MMOs, and a welcoming one at that.

Morrowind has always been an iconic installment in the franchise, and it looks like this new iteration won’t disappoint. So if you’re a veteran or just a curious spectator, there hasn’t been a better time to return to Tamriel.


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