It’s Time to Reintroduce Monster Hunter to the West!

What’s better than slaying monsters? How about harvesting them so you can make gear to fight even bigger ones! That simple premise is the basis for the Monster Hunter series. The games have proven popular in both Japan and the United States, with millions of fans worldwide. But the game’s audience has been shrinking, mainly due to its limited availability.

Originally released on the PS2, Monster Hunter quickly gained a fanbase. It expanded to multiple consoles, even receiving a Japanese exclusive MMO, Monster Hunter Frontier. However, the series began to mainly focus on its Japanese audience, as it did not prove as popular in the west. North American fans have almost been completely ignored, with only 3DS titles to play. While Capcom has acknowledged this and pledged a new western emphasis, we have seen no further announcements.

As I’ve alluded to, the game involves the player fighting against monsters. From raptors to dragons, the game has no shortage of enemies with over 107 to fight. Each encounter is unique, requiring the player to analyze the situation and find the creature’s weak spot. There are multiple classes to choose from, with numerous armor sets and weapons to collect. Many consider its best feature to be its multiplayer, allowing you and up to three friends to hunt across the world. Personally I loved the cooking mini-game, its music is still stuck in my head after a decade (So Tasty!).


Honestly I am extremely disappointed with Capcom’s commitment to the series. While they have done well in Japan, they have almost completely ignored the NA market. This is one of my favorite series, and it has great potential on any system. There is no shortage of players that love challenging fights and memorable environments, Dark Souls and Horizon: Zero Dawn can attest to that.

The time is ripe to reintroduce the series to North America. The PS4 and Xbox One are extremely power systems, and the Nintendo Switch could use some more games. And let’s not forget about the PC, especially since the MMO is already available for Japanese players. This is something fans have been asking for years, ready to show their support with their wallets.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Reintroduce Monster Hunter to the West!

  1. Hi there! Thanks for the follow! I returned the favor. I also would like to leave this comment: Monster Hunter is awesome! I wish they’d bring a massive Breath of the Wild sized MH game to the Switch. The last one I played was MH Tri and it was spectacular on the Wii. Capcom does seem to be… standoffish. Thanks for the read.


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