New Series: Journey to Tamriel

Since quitting Legion I was left with a void. I couldn’t find any new MMO that excited me, even a little. Among all the genres MMORPGs are my favorite. After all I’m a social gamer who loves compelling stories and detailed worlds. But recently MMOs have been on the decline, with companies choosing to focus on more lucrative projects instead. Even the highly anticipated Everquest Next was cancelled after it’s acquisition by Daybreak. So where was I to go?

I began by researching upcoming projects, including those that wouldn’t release until 2018. Nothing peaked my interest, and I began to think I wouldn’t find anything to play. But I didn’t give up. I decided to look into the past. Surely there was an MMO that I overlooked, something that could at least entertain me until the next big game. Well if you read the title then you know I turned to The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO).

Found some angry NPCs

Originally I dismissed TESO, and for some very good reasons. I played the open beta before release, and to put it simply: it was one of the worst games I ever played. The quests were boring, the environments were bleak, it was riddled with bugs, and it wasn’t remotely fun. I literally uninstalled the game after 15 minutes. My friends agreed with me, abandoning it soon after. That game was the very definition of a wow clone, and a terrible one at that.

You might be asking “why consider replaying it then?”. While TESO was horrible at launch, it has since received a massive overhaul. Zenimax worked with the community and various development teams to address the issues plaguing the game. This isn’t the only MMO to receive such treatment, with Final Fantasy XIV and Wildstar also being completely revamped. These titles were vastly improved, showing real dedication from the development teams. As for TESO, its current content and gameplay barely resemble it’s initial release, if at all.

Combat in FFXIV: ARR

Since relaunch TESO has gone F2P, with a premium subscription option. The game has received multiple updates, content releases, and will receive its first expansion next month. The game also features a scaling-leveling system, allowing players to explore any zone they chose. Many people find that the changes have greatly improved the game, finally making it a worthy installment in the Elder Scrolls franchise.

While I had heard of the positive changes, I was playing WoW at the time. But now I’m free to try the new TESO for myself, and turns out I already own it. Apparently I purchased TESO during the last Steam Summer Sale, because you know, the savings. I have it downloaded and I am ready to play.

I’ve decided to write about my experiences as I progress in TESO to help those that found themselves in my position or are curious about the game. This will be a fresh start, so I will be approaching the game as a complete newb. No research on the game will be conducted or its mechanics. I will play by myself, relying on the game to teach me how to play. Every couple of days I will post updates on my experiences in a series called “Journey to Tamriel”. Can’t wait to see how many groups I get kicked out of.



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