6 Video Game Series that Need to be Rebooted

It’s surprising how fast we can forget a good game. While it’s true we are constantly presented with new and exciting titles, there are still some games that shouldn’t be forgotten. Today we explore six video games series that need to be rebooted. As always I’m going to stick to one title per developer, and there will be spoilers. With that out of the way let’s begin.

6. Silent Hill


Considered one of the best horror game franchises, this series has seen a steady decline and more recently the cancellation of Silent Hills. A reboot could easily utilize the latest technology and reinvigorate the franchise, but there’s no sign of one in development. Silent Hill needs to follow Resident Evil’s example, or risk becoming a forgotten franchise. Let’s just hope Konami can get their act together.

5. Maximo


A lesser known series, but a great one nonetheless. You played as Maximo, a heroic Knight that teams up with The Grim Reaper to save the kingdom from supernatural threats. The style of the game was a mashup of retro gameplay with modern mechanics and graphics. Even though both Maximo titles received positive reviews, it suffered from insufficient advertising. Due to this the game did not sell well, even leading to Maximo 3’s development being cancelled. While only a few gamers have played it, those that have quickly became fans. Honestly writing about it makes me want to break out my PS2 and play it again.

4. Baldur’s Gate


The recipient of several awards, Baldur’s Gate is undoubtedly one of the best RPGs ever created. Consisting of several main installments and numerous spinoffs, this game franchise was originally created by BioWare in the late 1990’s. The games quickly rose in popularity and have influenced the design of all modern western-RPGs. Unfortunately Baldur’s Gate III: The Black Hound never finished development, leaving the beloved RPG in limbo for some time. More recently however, the game has seen several enhanced editions and the first new expansion pack in over a decade. The new content has enjoyed a positive reception, possibly paving the way for the series’ continuation.

3. Battlefield: Bad Company


This series is hailed by many as the best installments in the Battlefield franchise. Personally, I have put over 200 hours into Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and enjoyed every second of it. From the gun selection to the destructible environments, these games were truly memorable and reignited players’ interest in the Battlefield games. However, the problem is that the team behind the series, DICE, don’t actually know what makes the titles popular. Because of this they are reluctant to revisit Bad Company, meaning a new installment may still be years off.

2. Conker’s Bad Fur Day


Vulgar, profane, and incredibly fun are just some of the terms used to describe this entry. This title was an instant classic that quickly gained a cult following, and was re-released as Conker: Live & Reloaded for the Xbox and was featured in the Rare Replay bundle for the Xbox One. More recently Conker has been featured in a mini-game for the Microsoft HoloLens. However, this is not a true sequel and features a reimagined Conker that most fans despise. With such a strong following and creative studio behind it, a reboot would prove popular. Hopefully it would feature the original Conker as well.

1. Chrono Trigger


I won’t lie, this game is good. It’s so good that when I discovered it was available on the Google Play store I instantly purchased it. This JRPG featured a unique time traveling plot that saw Crono and his team journey to the past, present, and future to try and prevent the destruction of the world. The game also had a unique development team, including the creator of Final Fantasy and the creator of Dragon Quest. Not surprisingly, Chrono Trigger received considerable praise, quickly becoming independent of its creators’ past works. While it has been released on several platforms, it has not seen a new installment in years. Luckily there is still interest in a remake, with the game’s director Takashi Tokita interested in renewing the series.


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