The Top Six Video Game Protagonist that Just Won’t Talk.

It’s amazing how some video game protagonist won’t say a word, even as the world crumbles around them. Today we’re taking a look at my top six video game protagonists that never talk, but probably should. I am going to stick to one game per developer and there will be spoilers. Read at your own risk.

6. Claude – Grand Theft Auto III.

Claude’s a bit of enigma. No one knows his past or even knew his name until Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He’s silent, stoic, and always ready for action. Claude’s story is one of revenge, taking on us a wild and violent ride as he confronts his murderous ex-girlfriend and takes over the city. It’s hard to imagine someone doing that just by nodding his head and giving blank stares.

5. Link – The Legend of Zelda series.

Link’s a special case. Link has multiple incarnations, all of which don’t talk. He slashes his way through time, different realities, and usually Ganondorf without speaking once. It’s a bit surprising he has nothing to say to Zelda considering everything he goes through for her.


4. Jack – Bioshock.

Okay, okay. I know Jack technically speaks in the game’s intro, but he doesn’t say a word after. I’m honestly amazed how he can fight mutated splicers and harvest little sisters without conversing. I mean the man even *spoilers* beats his own father to death with a golf club and doesn’t flinch. If Jack ever needs to talk to someone it will probably be a psychologist.

3. The Kid – Bastion.

This character is so quiet we never learn his name. Referred to as “Kid” by Rucks, this hero wakes up to find his world destroyed. Most people would panic when faced with the realities of the calamity, but not the Kid. Instead, he picks up his trusty hammer and starts slaying monsters and rebuilding civilization. Maybe he didn’t want to speak or didn’t know what to say. But whatever the reason it doesn’t matter, we still got a thoroughly enjoyable game.


2. Gordon Freeman – Half-Life series.

You had to have seen this coming. There’s no way anyone can make a silent protagonist list and exclude Gordon Freeman. Freeman is a theoretical physicist working for Black Mesa when an experiment goes horribly wrong. He is forced to fight aliens and marines as he tries to escape, even traveling to an alien homeworld to kill their leader. But it doesn’t stop there. After the events of the original, the mysterious G-Man hurls Gordon into a dystopian future to once again save humanity. And while Gordon never so much as tells anyone his name, they are happy to do it for him. Let’s just hope he can teach Valve to count to three.

1. Doomguy – Doom.

Out of everyone on this list Doomguy has the most reason to talk. In the 2016 reboot of Doom, Doomguy wakes up restrained in a coffin surrounded by demons. Does he panic? Hell no! He breaks free and literally smashes a demon’s head with his bear hands. And that’s just the first 30 seconds. This man fights off invading demons and even ventures into hell to put a stop to them and save humanity. Even if he could talk, do we want him to? Who knows what horrors he has witnessed. Perhaps it’s best he remains silent.


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3 thoughts on “The Top Six Video Game Protagonist that Just Won’t Talk.

  1. Good list. I think I’d be fine if a character like Link was never given a voice. Nintendo made some welcome progress in BotW by giving the other characters voices, but I’m glad our Hylian hero was silent. I also don’t know if I could ever imagine Gordon Freeman with a voice. Though, maybe he could sound like Dr. House?

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