Upcoming Series: Software Spotlight.

I’ve decided to try something different and create a mini-series called “Software Spotlight”. The series will feature software used in game creation. This means any software used in creating game assets including music, sprites, 3D models, and more. The series will explore the software, what it’s used for, and feature links to tutorials and games created using it.

While this blog’s main focus is video games and technology, I want to encourage those interested in the industry to move forward. I know how overwhelming all the options can be and understand people may be uncertain about where to begin. My hope is that by exploring the software I can help answer some questions and provide starting point into the industry.

The series itself will premier next week on Wednesday April 26th, 2017. I plan to write them biweekly, spacing them out so I can properly research the software and get some hands on experience. This way I can make sure I detail the featured software adequately and provide the best preview possible.

With that said I hope you’ll join me in exploring the amazing world of game creation. I can’t wait to delve into the software and learn about them alongside my readers. And if you have any suggestions on software I should cover please feel free to contact me or comment below.

As always thanks for reading!

– Duninn.


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