Developer Update: upcoming blog changes.

Hey everyone! Just writing to give an update about this blog, the direction I am taking it, and my commitment overall. I appreciate the support so far and hope to grow this blog into something great and permanent. With that in mind let’s begin.

Going forward I am going to upload at least one article each weekday and try to release them on a schedule to ensure faster and more reliable content. I feel that I can do better and I’m committed to do so. Articles in general will change in focus, the majority becoming opinion pieces about gaming, tech, and “nerd culture”. I prefer to discuss topics in depth, exploring issues most ignore.

I am also expanding the blog to not only focus on me, but other great blogs and articles. I feel that if a writer tries to encompass every topic his work becomes half-assed and illinformed, leading to a decrease in quality. To prevent this I will specialize in select topics, ensuring better quality work. I will also be sharing links to other articles and blogs to give readers greater access to areas of interests. If you want an article or blog featured on this site feel free to contact me, I would be happy to help.

My hope is that these changes will improve the quality of the blog and reader satisfaction. I genuinely enjoy writing about these topics and will continue to strive for better quality each day. As always thank for reading and your continued support!

Eric M. Wilusz

A.k.a. Duninn


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